Poll And Mailing List Up - 2 January 2005
The official Campaign Manager 2006 mailing list is now in operation! Please use the form at the right to subscribe. Also, our web poll is now ready for use! We'll be putting up a new poll at the beginning of each month. Our poll is powered by Vz Poll 1.0, which is released under the GNU License. -Andrew Martin

Site Launched - 1 January 2005
Welcome to the official site of Campaign Manager 2006, an open source, political simulation game currently under development. Campaign Manager 2006 puts you in control of the race for United States Senate. You, the Campaign Manager, control every facet of the campaign's operations, from budget to fundraising to message. From the day your candidate enters the race until election night, you'll be on the front lines of political warfare. Though the game is still in its early stages, we invite you to look around and see just what this project is all about. -Andrew Martin
The current version is

Released on
8 December 2004

Website last updated
2 January 2005

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